Kodeløypa, In Norwegian means "the path towards coding"

by Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) added on 07 Nov 2019

Brief description:
Kodeloypa is a making-based coding workshop conducted in a largely informal setting, as an out-of-school activity, and lasts for four hours in total. The workshop has two main sections: interacting with robots (made from recycling materials) using the Arduino hardware platform and creating games using Scratch. Specifically, Arduino is attached to the digital robots to connect them with the computer, Scratch for Arduino (S4A) provides blocks needed to control the robots. The Scratch programming language uses colourful blocks, with which children can develop their games. The children work collaboratively in triads or dyads. During the workshop, student assistants are responsible for supporting each team as needed.
(where the practice takes place)
(where the practice takes place)
Organization name:
(running the practice)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Organization type:
Contact person:
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Related resources:
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Participants’ age groups:
Age independent
Indicative number of participants:
Number independent
Oriented to a specific gender?
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Total duration:
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Full day
(where the practice takes place)
  • Community lab, FabLab, non-formal learning space, etc.
  • Anywhere
What are the role(s) of the adult(s) running the practice?
  • Facilitator
During the practice, participants…
  • Play
  • Code
Participants work…
  • In pairs
  • What type of materials do participants use?
    • Pen and paper
    • Computers
    • Digital games
    Pedagogical approach:
    • Problem-based learning
    • Project (or task)-based learning
    • Collaborative-learning
    • Creative thinking
    • Critical thinking
    Social justice/equity approaches:
    Does the practice have (explicit or implicit) learning objectives?
    Implicit: introduce them to coding, computational thinking, collaborative work, Learn basic programming concepts and practices, problem solving skills
    Is the practice (explicitly or implicitly) connected to school curricula?
    If connected in any way to school curricula, which subjects are covered?
    Additional notes:
    The design of the activity provides flexibility and allows the successful implementation of the workshop with participants from 8 to 17 years old. However, each of the workshops should have a specific age group of students, carefully selected, being within a small age range.