Youth Hackathon

by MadeByKids in cooperation with DaVinciLab added on 10 Dec 2019

Brief description:
YouthHackathon is an innovative workshop concept and coding contest designed to support teachers with educating digital competencies (“Digitale Grundbildung”) in lower and upper secondary level (Sekundarstufe I und II). Participating classes take part in 4-hour-long app design and game design workshops. Teachers receive open educational resources and they get mentoring if needed. YouthHackathon started in 2018 with 500 students in Vienna. It was accompanied by a study carried out by the teacher training college of Vienna (PH Wien). In 2019 more than 2500 students from Vienna and lower Austria took part at YouthHackathon. The best projects were awarded at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival Vienna.
(where the practice takes place)
(where the practice takes place)
Vienna, Stockerau, Neusiedl/See, Ybbs/Donau, Tulln, Frankenfels, Krems, Ardagger, Oberndorf, Euratsfeld, Langschlag, Waidhofen/Thaya
Organization name:
(running the practice)
MadeByKids in cooperation with DaVinciLab
Organization type:
Contact person:
Anna Gawin / MadeByKids
Contact email:
(for further information and inquiries)
Social media:
Related resources:
(e.g., web site, publications,media)
Participants’ age groups:
10 - 17
Indicative number of participants:
4 - 30
Oriented to a specific gender?
Yes, to girls
(for the same group of participants)
Other: award ceremony
Total duration:
(for the same group of participants)
4 hours
(where the practice takes place)
  • Classroom, formal learning space, etc.
  • Other: in the computer room of the school
What are the role(s) of the adult(s) running the practice?
  • Facilitator
  • Mentor / Guide
  • Other: Support with coding, Supervision of the Design Thinking process
During the practice, participants…
  • Make
  • Play
  • Code
Participants work…
  • In groups of...: two
  • What type of materials do participants use?
    • Pen and paper
    • Computers
    Pedagogical approach:
    • Design-based learning
    • Other: Constructivism, Peer learning
    Social justice/equity approaches:
    • Activities are designed to empower participants and meet their needs
    • Other: Free webinars and mentoring for teachers, Free webinars and mentoring for teachers, Special aim towards girls and minorities, 21st Century Skills for every kid
    Does the practice have (explicit or implicit) learning objectives?
    Implicit: Yes, by prototyping and coding kids implicitly learn computational thinking and strengthen 21st century skills like creativity and collaboration.
    Is the practice (explicitly or implicitly) connected to school curricula?
    Yes, implicitly
    If connected in any way to school curricula, which subjects are covered?
    • Art
    • Computer science
    • Technology
    • Other: “Digitale Grundbildung” (digital competence teaching)
    Additional notes:
    For more information have a look at our website: